The Grossly Undefined Threshold for Establishing Medical Manslaughter

Abstract:1The English Law on “medical manslaughter”, manifested through the common law offence of gross negligence manslaughter, may be broadly defined as the defendant’s grossly negligent act  or omission, when acting within the terms of their duty of care, which results in the victim’s death. W...

In Criminal Law, Dec 14, 2019

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R v. Evans: An Uneasy Precedent?

R v. Evans: An Uneasy Precedent?

In Criminal Law, Nov 29, 2019

Would becoming a republic be so simple?

Would becoming a republic be so simple?

In Public Law, Oct 21, 2019

Private law protection of human rights from corporate abuses: deep and meaningful?

Commentary on Lungowe and others v Vedanta Resources plc and Kokola Copper Mines plc [2019] UKSC 201

In Public Law, Oct 17, 2019

Privilege against Self-Incrimination in Civil Injunctions: the Double-Edged Sword of Themis?

In general, the privilege against self-incrimination (“PSI”) protects a defendant from being compelled to provide (potentially) incriminating statement or information. PSI may be asserted...

In Criminal Law, Oct 09, 2019

The delicate balance between Carl Schmitt’s constituent power and liberal constitutionalism: a misunderstood and over-complicated dichotomy?

The tension between constituent power and a liberal theory of constitutionalism is important in constitutional theory as they paint very different perceptions of the nature of authority i...

In Public Law, Sep 23, 2019

Material contribution: bridging the evidentiary gap

To right a private wrong, causation is generally established between the tortfeasor’s negligent act and claimant’s injury. However, on occasion, the evidence will be such that a causal li...

In Private Law, Sep 15, 2019

Afghanistan: Towards wider interests of justice?

The Pre-Trial Chamber (“PTC”) II of the International Criminal Court (“ICC”) handed down its much-awaited decision on the request for authorisation of an investigation into the situation ...

In International Law, Sep 01, 2019

Public sneaking into private horizontally: the development of private law as supported by the Human Rights Act 1998

Case note: Fearn and others v The Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery [2019] EWHC 246 (Ch)

In Public Law, Aug 04, 2019

Extraditing suspects and safeguarding human rights - a tangled tale

Commentary on Kyung Yip Kim v Ministry of Justice of New Zealand and another [2019] NZCA 209 and insights on the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legisla...

In Public Law, Jun 25, 2019