Schrems II - Implications for Data Flows Post Brexit

Introduction The invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield in the advent of the Schrems II case raises a plethora of concerns for the UK’s free flow of data to the European Economic Area (EEA) post-Brexit. With the instant invalidation of the Privacy Shield agreement relied upon by over 5000 corpo...

In International Law, Apr 09, 2021

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'Keep the Powder Dry': The Court of Appeal in Fearn v Tate Gallery

It is safe to say that the claimants in Fearn v Tate Gallery1, owners of multi-million pound, highly exclusive London flats, are not among the neediest of those who have applied to human ...

In Public Law, Sep 22, 2020

The ECJ's Judgements on 'Gmail' and 'Skype Out': A Critical Review

A critical review of the ECJ’s Judgments on ‘Gmail’ and ‘Skype Out’

In International Law, Jul 16, 2020